From pleather trousers to faux fur coats, vegan fashion has been on the rise for a while now. We are so happy with this trend. Materials these days are almost impossible to tell apart from leather both in quality and fashion.

Vegan Fashion Trend

Rising star Denise Roobol agrees and decided to act upon this trend. This young bag designer from Rotterdam recently launched a bag collection under her own name, taking a statement with high-tech faux leather materials. And we are in love!

denise roobol 2

The Dutch Stella McCartney
We all remember when Stella McCartney made her statement by producing one of the most expensive non-leather bag collection ever. Placing herself between Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga, she made us realize that there was more to a luxury item than just the fines leather. Denise Roobol has been called the Dutch Stella McCartney which makes us proud, hopefully she made the way for many more companies to follow her in the vegan trend. Because we all know who the real fashion victims are!

denise roobol 4

Ladiesrun Rotterdam
Are you curious to see the entire collection, visit the webshop. For our Dutch readers, Denise herself will be displaying her bags during the Ladies Run in Rotterdam at the ladies fair. Also, team Fitgirlcode will be running the 5km and 10km. You can recognize us by our fitgirlcode bag and tees. Please come and say hello!

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