Urbanathlon with Fitgirls sponsored by Bodyenfitshop.nl

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We were invited by Bodyenfitshop.nl to join the ultimate running challenge by Men's Health Magazine, and so we did!

10k runs, you either love them or (like me) love to hate them. I'm not a runner, I get extremely bored and frustrated. I'm in a constant internal dialogue with myself that goes something like this:

And yet, when I'm done I'm super proud and can't remember why I was complaining the entire 10k. So when Body&Fit invited Chris and me to run the Men's Health Urbanathlon with the fittest girls in the Netherlands: Jenny (healthyfans.com), Laura (runninglau.com) and Ashley (fitmetashley.nl) I said yes without looking into the details. 


Urbanathlon with Fitgirls sponsored by Bodyenfitshop.nl

Men's Health Urbanathlon
It's a 10k run with 23 obstacles like walls twice my size, jumping over cars, monkey bars, staircases and weird car tire hills with no clear path. The assignment? Get to the other side and don't fall or you'll land in the disgusting pond and smell like feet for the rest of the run!

We received the SpiBelt (small personal item belt) just before the race to test and review. This was the ultimate test with all the obstacles. We used the belt for our phones and locker key. Although I am not a big fan of things around my hips, this belt is great. It stays in place and you don't even notice you are wearing it.

Let's do this again!
We had such an amazing time and ran in 1h 10min! It turned out to be a great combination between running and challenges which helped my mental state. Also the girls were so motivating and funny, they pushed me through it! Next year, we want to expand our group so start training ladies!

It's not all fun and games.. Ouch... that hurt my lady parts :D #Fitgirlproblems