Veggie summer rolls

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During the summer I don’t like to stay in the kitchen for too long. I like to eat fresh dishes that contain lots of veggies. I absolutely love these healthy veggie summer rolls, they taste delicious and are also great to bring with you for lunch at work or school.

What you need for veggie summer rolls : 

  • 8 rice papers
  • 100 g bean sprouts
  • 150 g carrots
  • 2 tbsp soy sauce
  • ½ red bell pepper
  • 100 g sugar snaps
  • 50 g peanuts
  • 1 small onion (finely chopped)
  • 80 ml chili sauce
  • 1 lime (juice)


The dip:

Mince 30 g peanuts and place with the onion in a bowl. Add the chili sauce and lime juice. Stir well.

The veggie rolls:

Pour boiled water over the bean sprouts and rinse cold after. Grate the carrots. Place in a bowl and stir in the soy sauce. Cut the sugar snaps lengthwise into strips. Cook them for 1 minute in boiling water. Drain and rinse cold. Fill a deep plate with lukewarm water. Soak the rice papers for 20 seconds. Place in the middle of each rice paper a little bit of the bean sprouts, sliced sugar snaps, bell pepper, grated carrots and some peanuts. Place the bottom of the rice paper over the filling, then fold the sides in and roll up. Serve with dip. Enjoy your veggie summer rolls!