When is good, good enough?

Fit & Training door thijs

Sometimes I'm having a hard time being satisfied with the fact that I just went for a 5K run. Not because the run didn't go well or I didn't enjoy it, purely because of this little voice inside my head that says that 5K is not enough.  ''I should really go for a 10K next time. And don't forget your strength. It's about time that you have a killer CrossFit training again.'' Sounds familiar?

One month ago I decided to commit to the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. From the beginning on, I said I would stick to it for four weeks, and then see. I enjoyed the past month so much. Working out 5 times a week and really seeing results, it made me feel so good! I pushed myself through the Kayla workouts with the realization I only needed to do this just a couple of times more. So when the end of the month came and I started to dislike the workouts, at least I knew it would be almost over. At the end of the month I could try two things: just keep on going with the Kayla guide, or come up with a routine that feels more sustainable. I wanted to go for the latter.

Be satisfied with every work out!
So there you have it. Me going on a run instead of going to the gym. I wanted to get some fresh air and just really felt like running rather than working out indoors. I personally think I should be happy with the fact that I even felt like running and just did that, but this perfectionist inside me sees other girls on instagram giving 200% at their circuit training, and does not feel satisfied. These days there is such an enormous offer of kick ass workouts that 'just a workout' feels like it's not good enough anymore. And it's a shame.

So here is to being satisfied with any workout! Being content with your workout even though it didn't go as great as you had in mind. Or be happy with that 5 minute ab routine that you did this morning. Or sticking to the burpee challenge for 5 days in a row - YES also if it's the 5 first and easiest days in the schedule. Not perfect is good as well and you are doing preeetty awesome!