Hey there Fit Moms and Fit Girls! Do you sometimes feel like yelling, “I got no time for a work out”? I can totally relate! Family life can be so hectic at times, that carving out time to work out feels like just another chore. Mostly with zero priority. Don’t beat yourself up about it, though! As a mom, you’re getting exercise even without hitting the gym. Here’s how…

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The diaper change
Trying to change a diaper can be some serious cardio! Because here’s a heads up to you Fit Girls without kids: quietly laying on the changing table is something babies only do in movies. Especially with those poo nappies! Flipping, turning, flexing, pushing, crawling… I literally sweat after having changed a diaper. And now that my baby boy is a toddler, I can add chasing him before changing his diaper as a warming up drill!

The baby lift
You probably didn’t know, but you’re working your core when carrying your baby. With the extra weight on top, you need to stabilize your core when moving. This means working your abs and back muscles! Walking up and down the stairs with your baby on your arm adds drills for your glutes and legs too. You may not notice under your post-partum mummy tummy and your baby in front of it, but you’re working on a strong core!

With toddlers it’s even better: wanting to be lifted and carried constantly, you can add biceps to this workout. And it will definitely count as core training. I mean, do you lift 15k when doing dead lifts in the gym? I don’t!

This is probably a Dutch thing, but I can recommend it to all fit moms of all nations: get on yer bike! In our little country, where parking space is tight and expensive, and everything is nearby, the mode of transportation of choice is the bike. In the Netherlands, even a special mom bike was put to market: a sturdy bike that can hold the weight of a mom and her 2 kids, 1 in the front and 1 in the back, the stroller and a day’s groceries. How’s that for pedaling with resistance?

Using the bike on your short commutes is the easiest way of working out without working out. A ride to school, to the supermarket, back to school, to any after school practice or to the gym: before you know, you’ve hit the target of 30 minutes of exercise. Check!

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