The 10 Fit Girl Commandments

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Being a Fit Girl is not simply a trend or a hype - it's the real deal, a lifestyle. And once you see big communities growing and getting more prominent, you can start seeing a certain pattern in behavior and actions. So, we here present to you: the 10 Fit Girl Commandments that not only we live by, but we get to share together as a community of strong beautiful women. May this be your mantra, some inspiration, or even just that little kick of motivation when you feel you're lacking some. All in all, just unlock your very own #FITGIRLCODE lifestyle!

Fit Girl Commandments:

1. Thou shalt not harbor guilt

By shaming yourself with guilt and negativity after every bad meal, bad workout, or bad day/week, you're just more prone to failing. It's OK to have slips. We are human, after all, and we cannot control every single moment that life throws at us! Whether it be an intense few weeks of studying, or a stressful day at work, or just a beautiful sunny day that made you want to skip a workout and enjoy some sweets, SO BE IT! :) As long as you know how to get back on track when the time is right, you keep doing your thang.

2. Thou shalt not compare

Nothing more useless in this pretty little life of ours than comparing ourselves to others. It's a natural reaction, of course, but learning to look past it is rewarding in every sense of the term. One girl's fit journey might lead her to 6-packs in a matter of weeks, while another one's journey will give her completely different results in a completely different amount of time! As Fit Girls, we strive to find our own personal recipe to success.

3. Thou shalt cut the crap

Yes, we do indulge in the occasional cheat meal/snack. NO, that does not mean we let loose for a whole day if we have the chance not to! If you don't work for the results you want, honey that's on you. We will be the first ones to encourage you to do what you love and train for what you want, and this more often than not involves cutting the crap here and there! So let's set some realistic goals and get that adrenaline flowing to reach your own personal goals.

4. Thou shalt support each other

Being a Fit Girl means being part of a community. This is so important to know and be a part of, because it shows the true meaning of beauty: a group of women who don't tear each other down but help each other rise to the top! Also, we're basically doing a favor to the world by concentrating all of us into one group to talk about our WOD, proteins, food advice, challenges, and so on ;)

5. Thou shalt treat yo' self

It is CRUCIAL to pamper ourselves (especially if there is no SO to be doing it for us ;) ). "I don't need new workout clothes" - said no Fit Girl Ever. You can never have too many colors of the same sports bra or too many different patterns for your tights, so why not reward yourself for the hard work every once in a while? This also means in food, and in beauty, and anything really! Treat yourself to little things and moments that make you happy - that smile afterwards will let you know it was worth it.

6. Thou shalt listen to your body

Your body is your temple, seriously. If that's not functioning properly, neither can you. So take your naps when you need them, skip today's workout if you're not feeling well, and recover from that little flu you've been ignoring the last few days! This also applies to listening to your body when you're hungry -- really think to yourself if it's boredom talking, or your grumbling tummy is in need of its next shot of energy! You have to remember, your body isn't just working out during your gym sessions. Your body is under a constant workout: replenishing you during your sleep, digesting your food, breaking down the nutrients and distributing them, and burning calories throughout the day/workouts!

7. Thou shalt Instagram your Fit Girl life

If you hadn't noticed already -- which I highly doubt -- Fit Girls LOVE sharing their life on our beloved Instagram. From uploading the perfect selfie to creating the ultimate food placement for a proper picture, we've done it all. Finding the proper angles and playing with the lightings is an art that all Fit Girls are too familiar with, and it comes with the job of being part of such a big community! We want to be aware of what's up in each other lives and journey, and this is our way of doing so. At the #FITGIRLCODE HQ, it happens more often than we'd like to admit that we spend more time setting up our plates than eating the actual meal, and this goes without mentioning the dilemma of whether to upload the photo before OR after eating ;)

8. Thou shalt challenge yourself

As cliché as it sounds, you are your only competition. You should find it within you to push yourself to new limits (within good reason) and achieve new records. Because the rewards are not only apparent physically when you do so, but amazingly strong inside of you. Ending a workout that you know challenged you on all levels - mentally and physically - leads to an indescribable feeling, almost like a ball of sunshine stuck inside of you bursting through every inch of your body :)

9. Thou shalt not blatantly stare at guys in the gym

This should go without saying, but you never know. Being a Fit Girl means acquiring the ultimate superpower of high-end peripheral vision :D We know how to spot that cute guy using the squat rack while we are in the middle of a burpee - we just do, don't ask how. But this commandment also applies to staying focused. We know why we're there, we're sweating our boobs off, and now might not be the hottest time to meet the love of your lives ;)

10. Thou shalt love yourself

Lasty but goldie. This last commandment is EVERYTHING a Fit Girl works for. To feel good in your own skin, understand your body, and love every single bit of it! The best part about jumping on board to this journey is the mental satisfaction you get when you look at yourself in the mirror, no matter what size or shape, and feel a glowing sense of love towards your own reflection :)

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