10 good intentions that make you a better person

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New Year's resolutions like exercising more, stopping smoking, eating healthier and spending more time with family are always relevant good intentions, but it's sometimes nice to think way outside of the box. I have thought of 10 original intentions to set for 2016 that could make you a better person. Are you ready for this challenge?

10 original good intentions


For those who like to watch television, I gotta break it to you: it does not exactly have a positive effect on your mind. Research has shown that it has a negative impact our life satisfaction. Researchers are now finding it a lot of television can have that much of a negative impact on your life. Wow! Of course you do not need to throw your television right out the window, but a little less will do you absolutely no harm.


Several surveys have shown that giving to charity boosts happiness and reduces stress. So look for a charity or organization where you can make a contribution to each month. Definitely something to think about next year!


Buying cool experiences instead of stuff leads to more happiness for the person who buys it and to his or her environment. So from the results of this research we can say that it is a good idea to tackle this year differently. Do some more cool experiences such as tours, concerts and museums instead of buying yet another new pair of shoes. You'll thank yourself at the end of 2016!


From now on, write what made you very happy or very unhappy. You do not necessarily have to keep one daily, only in the moments when you feel the need to. How much fun is it to read back over that flirt during your summer vacation or the week in which you decided to become a vegetarian and failed enormously? Sometimes we forget the little things in life. When you see this, you can look back at you how much you have experienced.


Instead of saying you have a huge amount of weight to lose in 2016, you are better listening to your body. Are you tired often even when you have 8 hours of sleep per night? This may be due to eating too much processed food. Or do you often feel very bloated? Then try more often to cook with fewer processed carbs to see how this works for you. Your body always gives signals and it is important to listen.


Whether it's about school, work or your personal life; ask help from your friends or family when you need it. This will help you to have a lot less stress in the coming year. It's always possible to call in some help so that you do not constantly have sleepless nights because of all the work you need to do. Stress can result in fatigue and nobody needs tha. Do you find it difficult to ask for help? Think about it the other way around and how you would love to help others. It's okay once in a while to let someone else help you.

7. SAY "YES"!

Say "Yes," to questions that you normally would not. This makes sure that you find yourself in situations where you normally prefer not to be. It's good to come outside of your comfort zone once in a while. And that's what matters the most. Say yes to the invitation of a friend to dinner when you'd rather sit at home watching Netflix. In the long run it can make you a lot happier to say 'yes' to situations more often. Do it!


Snooze, despite how good it can be sometimes, hitting snooze on your alarm is not the best way to start your day. If you have trouble with your sleep patterns then try to set an earlier time for yourself to go to bed. Or use a handy sleep app so you can see when it is best for you to go to sleep and when to get up. Recently on #FITGIRLCODE we wrote this article on how you can sleep like a pro to help you out too. Definitely worth reading!


Are you, like me, a huge Instagram addict? Then you probably  need this tip as much as I do. A little cut down on social media behaviour and enjoying the people around you more is definitely a good intention. Stop constantly checking your feed when you can have fun with all your friends and girlfriends in real life. Isn't that much more important?


How exciting it can be at times to meet new people that often leads to great friendships.When you feel stuck in your daily routine it can help to connect you for example joining a new gym or going to a club with new people. So pluck up some courage, put your shyness aside and bring in the new year with a new club! You will notice how much fun it can be to meet new people all there.

With these 10 goals, you will get the most out of the new year. And these are good intentions to pursue in the following years too. Good luck in starting them already! 

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