What women really think of their bodies

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On social media it's almost impossible to avoid articles about 'the perfect body', especially relating to appearance summer time. Fit Girls and Fit Guys show up on almost every Instagram feed now too and this can make a lot of people uncomfortable in their own skin, yet they keep following them. Is it really a problem? Refinery29 surveyed a 1000 women to get to know what women really think of their bodies. 

Maybe you're also tired of reading a lot of articles about how to get the perfect body ASAP. We at #FITGIRLCODE choose a healthy body and happy mind over everything. Tips on how to get 'summer proof' can be interesting, but feeling comfortable in your OWN body all year round is a hundred times more fun. Are you curious to see that other women think of this? Take a look at these results.

what women really think of their bodies

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"It's your summer. It's your body. Enjoy them both!" So it might not be summer now but don't think about having a certain shape of body at a certain time of year. Love your body now, treat it well now and we all hope you will succeed to believe this next summer :) 

Source: Refinery92

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