Last week, you might have read PART 1 of the 10 point checklist to start your own fit journey. In that article, I explained why I started my own fit journey and I wrote about the first 5 points of this 10 point checklist. The main reason to start my fit journey isn’t to become skinnier but fitter, healthier and yes, sexier (in case you haven’t heard yet, strong is the new sexy!). Let’s continue with PART 2 of the 10 point checklist. 

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10 point checklist to start your own fit journey PART 2

 6. Educate yourself on healthy eating

Maybe you already are a super health freak, but I know I wasn’t when I started my fit journey. Depending on your goals and what you’re trying to achieve, I think you can find enough information on Fitgirlcode to educate yourself on healthy eating. It’s where I found some interesting blogs on how to easily adjust my eating patterns. Just click here and it will take you take to some awesome food related articles. The most important tip I can give you is to not forget to drink lots of water to make sure you stay hydrated.

7. Find your motivation

My two main motivations are my running partner and music! I can’t help you choose a running partner, just make sure it is someone you like, easily get along with and you can share your goals with. I run with a little fluffball named Noah, she’s my lovely dog! I find motivation in running with her because she’s way better at it than I and I can tell it makes her just as happy as me.

Music is kind of a personal choice too I think, pick something that gets you going and keeps you going. If your looking for inspiration, Fitgirlcode posted an article called ‘Music please! 8 songs that will get your body moving’. It has some pretty badass and energizing workout songs.

8. Do warm ups and take breaks


When you start your own fit journey make sure that you always do a good warm up. I like the ‘MODEL WORKOUT NYE WARM UP’ that was posted on Fitgirlcode, click here to try it. Besides a good warm up, it’s important that you start your workout well rested. If you’re not well, don’t make it worse by working out. Take a break and pick it up when you feel better. During your workout it’s okay to take breaks too, don’t push yourself to hard just push yourself hard enough.

9. Get warm, clean, dry and stretch!

After your workout, make sure you get warm, clean and dry as soon as possible. This is also a perfect time to stretch. Model Workout explains perfectly ‘Why you should always stretch’. In their article posted on Fitgirlcode, there’s an awesome video to show you how to properly stretch! My (and their) number one reason to stretch is to prevent muscle soreness. Why would you want to suffer to pains of a previous workout if you can prevent it?

10. Keep evaluating and adjusting your goals

In the beginning you might set the bar too high or you might be really amazing at what you’re doing and you set it too low? Either way, always keep evaluating your goals and adjust them if necessary. Don’t expect too much of yourself when you’re just getting started, see how it goes and last but not least ENJOY YOURSELF!

I would love to read your stories Fit Girls! Let me know how you got started or if you have any tips you would like to share with us, leave a comment below or  send an email to!


Safira Audrey



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