It’s the start or end of a season in your part of the world and you can’t seem to drag yourself through your days. Here are 10 signs you really need a holiday and how to easily get that holiday feeling of relaxation and stress relief.

  1. You look at your to do list and you JUST. CAN’T.
  2. You’re just so tired…ALL. DAY.
  3. Getting a little tearful in front of the television is becoming a regular thing.
  4. You’re getting increasingly – and alarmingly – sweary.
  5. Your level of sarcasm is to a point where you don’t even know if you’re kidding or not.
  6. Pictures of cute animals and motivational quotes annoy the hell out of you.
  7. People getting in your way, like EVERYONE you notice around you, should just disappear.
  8. Friendly remarks or small talk from strangers feels like a huge stab in your back.
  9. You don’t want to smell the roses – stupid overrated flowers, especially the red ones – nor do you want to wake up.
  10. You want EVERYTHING – humans, animals and plants – to JUST.LEAVE.YOU.ALONE.

Read on the next page how to loosen up.


No worries, we all get like this sometimes. And the good news is that we don’t have to go on a tropical holiday to get rid of these feelings. Instead, try doing the following:

Wellness centre
Grab yourself a partner or (best) friend to go to a wellness centre and pamper yourself for a day. Swimming, floating, steaming and scrubbing at your own pace is such a stress relief. And taking care of your body and relaxing your muscles is so important, especially when you exercise or lift weights.

Book yourself a massage. Lie down, close your eyes, exhale and enjoy! A good massage will make you feel rejuvenated, eases the mind, soothes aching muscles and reduces muscle tightness.

Meet ups
Fill yourself with laughter and kindness. You must have at least one person in your life who you can laugh or be silly with. Go meet up with this person and just be. It doesn’t have to be in a bar, club or a restaurant. It can be for a walk through town, in a park or along the beach. Meeting up for laughter and (small) talk will do you both good!

Eat out
Give yourself a day off from cooking for yourself and/or your loved one(s). Go and eat out. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Try something new. Something healthy. Heck, you don’t even have to go out to a restaurant – invite yourself over to someone’s house. Preferably someone who loves to cook and enjoys good company 😀 

Now go enjoy yourself, wherever you are, whatever you do – life is just too freakin’ short! 

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