10 thoughts you have during Christmas dinner

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1. You have given all sorts of presents to everybody except yourself. Yup, and now you're sitting without a pretty Christmas dress.

2. Your stomach is growling for 3 hours because it's been such a trek to the place where you are eating dinner and of course your family, as always, were running late. You can only hope that no one will see you when grab a bag of chips to save yourself from passing out!

3. Does your aunt ever stop asking why you're still single? Oh no. She doesn't seem to understand that you are more than happy with your pizza.

4. When the noise level is rising and everyone is climbing over each other because there are too many people and you've clearly not drank enough to survive the chaos. 

5. Just think of all the leftovers you are going to be able to nibble on tomorrow...alone. That will make you enormously happy.

6. When is it appropriate for the quick outfit change? That beautiful dress you started the meal in is now too tight for you and your food baby.

7. Oops! Forget about keeping room for dessert ...

8. Do you remember anything about the promise you made ​​a few days ago to take it easy on yourself during dinner? Right ...

9. Okay, the next few weeks I'll not eat anything more.

10. Oh wait, the 26th of December is the basically Christmas day, round two. What's on the menu?!


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