How to curl your hair the easy way!

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When you're looking for an easy way to curl your hair, you should try this tutorial. After years of struggling with hairclips and curls that just didn't do what I wanted, I finally found a method that will get you wavy hair the easy way! Just in time for Christmas!

I know what you’re all thinking: “That’s some fabulous, wavy hair… but mine could never look that good.” - I kid you not! Just give it a try this weekend. Remember: practice makes perfect but once you get the hang of it you'll be pretty happy with the results, I guarantee! I have to admit, my hair is long and really thick so it looks really voluminous already but this will work for most hairstyles (except the reeeeally short hairstyles of course).

Step 1: Turn your curling iron on. Mine goes up to 220 degrees but I usually use the 200 degrees setting, because I want to minimize the damage.
Step 2: Brush your hair thoroughly. I love the Tangle Teezer because it's pain free, even with wet hair!

Step 3: After spraying a heat protection all over your hair, you divide your hair in two sections and just let hang on both sides. I like to part my hair in the middle but you can part it sideways if that's your style.

Step 4: Take one section of hair. Depending on if you are in a hurry, you should take a smaller or a bigger section. If you have a lot of time and want a full head of curls than you should take smaller sections. The smaller the section, the better the curl will sit and the more volume you will get. I use sections of 3 - 4 centimeters.

Step 5: You won't be needing the clamp of the curling iron! Turn your curling iron upside down and place it behind the section of hair. That way you are curling the hair away from the face. Start twisting the section of hair carefully around the curling iron until you have a tiny bit left, than STOP, otherwise you will burn your fingers! (been there, done that!) Hold like this for around 15-20 seconds, the thinner the section the less seconds you should hold!

Step 6: Release the curl from the curling iron. Now twist your hair in the same direction as the curl. You can also use a little bit of hair spray while holding the twisted curl, that way the curl will sit even better. Now release the twisted curl and just leave it alone until you're finished.

Step 7: Repeat step 5 + 6 all the way through the back of your hair until you are finished with the first side.

Step 8: Now go to the other side. You will notice that working on one sides is easier than the other, depending on whether you are left or right handed. I find working on this side (the right side) more difficult, so I have to concentrate a bit harder! (just look at my face!).

Step 9: I've finished curling both sides, but this isn't the finished look yet!

Step 10: MESS IT UP!! Comb through your hair with your fingers and don't be afraid that you will ruin it. It will look way too polished if you are too gentle.

The finished look!! You can finish it off with some hairspray and a big smile :-D

Grab your curling iron, lock the bathroom and start practising this weekend! If I can do it, you can do it!
Let us know if you've tried the tutorial!

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