Hi Fit Girls! I have been recently nominated by Fit Girl Anna to continue this viral tag on Instagram to share 20 facts about me, shall we begin?  😀

20 Facts About Fit Girl Shirley

  1. I have always been into sports, especially field hockey! My mom encouraged me to start at the age of 5!
  2. I am a communication and media student getting some work experience and getting ready to start my masters degree next year!
  3. I lived in 5 different countries and 8 different cities as a kid because of my fathers job and attended 10 different schools throughout my life.
  4. The most interesting place I have lived was in Tripoli, Libya and no I did not go to school on a camel 😛
  5. I started working out and eating more balanced since September and I am proud of the little improvements I see in my running performance and body.
  6. I got awesome sisters that I look up to, even if we fight sometimes I love them to bits.
  7. I cant get enough of Italian food, I wish I could live on only pasta.
  8. I am happy to work at #FITGIRLCODE HQ, combining work and sports is pretty much what I want to do.
  9. I live in a house with 6 amazing international girls and we throw the craziest house parties!
  10.  I have a group of best friends with whom I traveled through Asia and soon are going on a USA road trip!
  11. I like minions, ye the cartoon from the movie “Despicable Me” they are too cute.
  12. I hope to get a job in an international company that will enable me to live in different countries and  get to discover more cultures.
  13. I got to admit I prefer Channing Tatum over Ryan Gosling (major crush on Channing Tatum).
  14. My super power is napping anytime of the day and how they call it in my country “siestas”, yes I can sleep whenever I want .
  15. I started to kite surf this year !
  16. The hardest exercise at the gym for me are push up, I do not like them!
  17. I love listening to my Ipod when walking down the street and feel like the main character of a video clip.
  18. I hope one day when I retire to go back to my home country Argentina and live in a cute home in Patagonia.
  19. At the office I can speak with most people in my native language, Spanish, Go FITGIRLCODE HQ!
  20. I created the cover for my phone and computer as you see on the picture and I am pretty proud of it ! 🙂


So that’s it 🙂  now I nominate Fit GiRl Bella to share more about herself! 😀


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