It’s been a very busy few months over at Healthy Beautiful Me – my personal health and fitness website. I’ve been spending lots of time getting creative in the kitchen and writing my healthy eating guide.

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Beating disordered eating and illness through good food
After playing around with my diet for years, suffering from disordered eating, IBS, CFS and food intolerances, I finally decided to make health my priority. Eating the right foods and adopting a healthy lifestyle was key to this and the foundation behind a happy, healthy and nourished life. Healthy Beautiful Food, my new book, is ultimately the outcome of my experiences. A book that gives you all the recipes you need to create a healthy eating food plan, alongside healthy eating tips, facts and nutritional advice.

The book itself features all the recipes I use to create my monthly food plans and offers vegetarian alternatives for each meal, as required. It’s not so much a diet plan in the traditional sense of the term, but more a healthy lifestyle handbook, which you can follow long-term to look and feel your best.

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Three healthy food habits

In this blog, I wanted to share an excerpt from the book with you. The three tips on the next page are just some of the nuggets of advice I share in the book in the section that looks at maintaining a healthy relationship with food. I hope these tips alone can help you to re-assess any poor eating habits and give you a taster of the material I cover in Healthy Beautiful Food.

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