3 Quickies for Killer Confidence In Any Situation

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We've all been there. The party where you look around and realize: you don't know an. Ee. One...The time you had to speak in front of your whole team at work... whoops, make that the entire company...The date you got asked to go on from someone who you think is dreamier/smarter/better than you...and all the doubt and fear in the world starts rushing in on you like an ice bucket over your head, freezing you into place with the paralyzing negative thought cycle repeating criticisms in your head. You defeat yourself before you even start.

Well, Fit Girls, ain't no doubt or fear gonna strip us of our rad-ness. No matter what scenario you find yourself in, there's a quickie way to boost your confidence with a simple word or two reminder stated silently to yourself. Try the following confidence-instilling mantras, and the only fear you'll have left is this: "How can anyone match this brilliance?" ;)

First thing's first
When you become aware of this fear and all those nasty thoughts that come with it, STOP. Actually yell the word, "Stop," in your head, or say it out loud (quietly, mind you). Then, take a deep breath or a couple. Now, move forward with one of these mantras...


1. You Are Enough
Many of us lack confidence when we're confronted with situations that threaten to reveal our "lacking." Being true to yourself–quirks and all–is the surest way to give everything you've got in any situation. You in your most authentic form is the most you can possibly give, and the purest gift you can bestow upon the world. What you have inside you is beyond valuable 'cause guess what–we aren't gettin' it from anyone else! All you can give is what you have, and it is more than enough. To remind yourself that you rock in any situation, repeat and breathe into this mantra: "I Am Enough."
2. Give Love
When you fear falling short of expectations, repeat this as many times as necessary in your head: "Give love." Have you ever noticed the people out there who just beam love from their pores? You want to be around them more, right? You want to ask their advice and look to them as a model for how to act, right? There's no reason why you can't be that way, too. All you have to do is hone your heart to emanate love instead of fear. If you concentrate on giving love in every situation you come across, you do the world a great service, and you'll find that people will return it to you. They can sense the truth: that you are there to bring them up, not shut them down. Instead of focusing on what this situation is costing you, ask yourself: "How can I give love to this person/these people in front of me?"
Your love is a true gift to the world. Share it and you suck the power right out of any of the haters out there.
3. There's Always Someone...
...who will find a fault in everything you do, and it has nothing to do with you. Some people feel like they have to tear others down to bring themselves up, and while we Fit Girls know that's no way to live, the knowledge that haters exist can help us prepare to handle them. Knowing that there will always be someone who doesn't like you, the things you do, or the way you do things can be liberating! What's the point in trying to please someone like that? Don't give them anymore of your energy; they don't deserve it.
Focus on being the most authentic, love-emanating Fit Girl you can be, and the world will be a better place for it!