4x Active Holidays

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Spring has emerged from the dark and coldness, and it's already making us fantasize about the summer. Even though many of us will be busy treating ourselves with cocktails, tan lines, and culinary wonders, some of us look for more active holidays. Personally, I go to switzerland every summer and hike up the mountains in the beautiful summer weather; so I can definitely recommend trying out a holiday that keeps you on your feet! Try something that is out of your comfort zone, put yourself out there, and enjoy the adventures that come your way! Get inspired by these 4 active holidays:

1. Backpacking

Backpacking holidays have gained, and keep gaining, popularity among travellers world wide as it is a cheap and fun way to discover all sorts of places around the world. However, backpacking doesn't necessarily have to be in a far away country, it can also be done in the mountains nearest to you, or even in a forest. Any mesmerizing landscape that you have not yet discovered can be one to put on your backpacking list.

The most popular all-out backpacking trips are made to, for example, Thailand or Peru. This is because these places offer many beautiful landscapes, one after the other. They also have neighbouring countries that offer the same thing, thus they are a great hub for exotic hot spots.

Backpacking is also a great holiday option if you're looking to learn a new language. Spanish, French, English? All of these languages can be combined with a suspenseful holiday on the road.

However, backpacking isn't just a 24/7 hike, it is so loved by the people because it offers flexibility in its duration and activities. Are you tired after a whole day of walking? Take a rest day on the beach and enjoy a night out with your comrades.

2. Surfing

One that is becoming more abundant over the years is the surf-holiday. A holiday for just you and your partner, or for you and a whole group of friends? Surfing is fun with anyone and everyone. Even though it is becoming more and more abundant, it is still a pretty special holiday! If you're scared to take on this active holiday because you have never surfed before, don't be, because that's the whole point in doing it a week long. Personally, I went on a surf holiday once (I can't surf at all btw), and it was so much fun. I learned that surf destinations are filled with admirable people that only look to get to know you and have a drink with you! It is definitely a holiday that I want to do again.

From Australia, to Hawaii, and to France,... Every continent has its top surfing locations, just take your pick! Are you packing your swimsuit already? ?

3. Cycling

Another way to spend your holiday actively is by biking from location to location. Is walking not your thing, you prefer the thrill of speed? Then biking is definitely a top choice for you! The level of difficulty of your holiday is totally up to you. Are you looking to do it with your family? Then 2 hours of biking per day can already get you a long way. Looking to go with some sporty friends? You could easily tackle up to 4 or 5 hours per day. Cycling along a coast is the easiest, and in the mountains it will obviously be a slightly bigger challenge. Either way the landscapes will be breathtaking and Instagram-worthy ?.

Some of the common cycling holidays occur in Italy, Canada, and New Zealand. Doesn't sound so bad does it? This is your perfect escape from the metropolitan life, or just the work routine that you need a break away from for 2 weeks.

4. Yoga Retreat

In terms of the mindfulness that our Fitgirlcode Guide stresses, a yoga retreat should be welcomed by every Fit Girl. The contradicting phrase of "active rest" comes into play when on a yoga holiday. Become aware of your body's needs and capabilities, and let the yoga zen you. One way to take part in a yoga-filled holiday is by simply booking a ticket to somewhere peaceful and beautiful, and just doing some yoga there. But, another way to do it is by going away with a yoga retreat. The perks of a retreats are that they will make a programme for you, and you will have enough guidance around you to help you perform to the best of your abilities.

How do you like to spend your holidays? On the beach tanning with a few drinks by your side? Or by remaining active and upbeat? Either way, holidays are meant to be enjoyed and all of these types of holidays have that as their number 1 priority. Let us know what your ultimate summer holiday plans are in the comments! We are very curious. 

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