The 5 foods you need to eat if you want to feel full

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Losing weight is easier said than done. Especially for those who have never tried to do so in a healthy way. The formula sounds logical, eat less exercise more. But is eating less actually as easy as it sounds? In my opinion no. Especially when you are used to eating many more calories than you do when you are trying to lose weight. By now we know that diets don’t work in the long term. The key to losing weight is simply eating healthier and consuming less calories. Having said this, consuming less calories is not about starving yourself because that is first of all unhealthy (and not something we at #FITGIRLCODE stand for), and second of all it will make you gain weight in the long term.

So, how do you do to eat less calories without feeling hungry all the time? The answer is simple. You eat foods that are healthy and will make you feel full. If you don’t know which foods you can eat don’t worry. I’ve listed 5 foods that will make you feel full and are super healthy!

1) Beans

I beat you would’ve never imagine this right? I have to say, as a Mexican I am ecstatic by this! All types of legumes like black beans, garbanzos, cannellini or lentils are packed of protein and fiber. The combination of both will make you feel satisfied longer after you are done eating.  There are many things you can do with beans like adding them to your salad, soup, burritos, or even smoothies.

2) Berries

Berries are delicious, make your food look pretty and on top of that they offer one of the highest fiber of all fruit. Making them extra filling and healthy. Just one cup serving of blackberries has 7.6 grams of fiber and one cup of raspberries 8 grams.

3) Apples

Just like berries, apples are filled with fiber. However they have a special type called  pectin. This makes apples especially filling. And the best part? Apples are so versatile that you can either decide to eat just a plane apple or include into your diet in many other ways. Want a little inspiration? Why not try this no bake apple pie which is delicious, healthy and easy to make?

4) Chia seeds

Chia seeds are known as the super food. Not only are the full of countless vitamins and essential nutrients for our bodies like calcium, potassium, zinc, fiber and maaany others. The fact that they have so many nutrients should be reason enough for you to eat them, whether you are trying to feel full and lose weight or not. But seeing past that, chia seeds can absorb up to 10 times their size in water. If you eat chia seeds that have been soaked in liquid they will continue to release their water inside your body. Which will make you feel hydrated and fuller faster.

5) Cooked whole grains

We are living in times where we fear carbs and therefore eat everything which is low-carb. This has made whole grains get a bad reputation because… well they are carbs. But they are complex carbs (the good type of carbs) and eating them can actually help you lose weight because, yes- They make you feel full longer! Just like chia seeds, cooked whole grains soak up water during the process of cooking. Which means they take up more space in your stomach while giving you less calories. Plus they are full with protein and fiber making them the perfect healthy filling combo. Another reason why they make you feel full is because they are made of bran and germ which take more time to chew, which tricks your brain into thinking it has eaten more and that makes you feel full. So next time you go to the groceries don’t forget to buy quinoa, oats, brown rice, etc.

 You see? There is no reason why you (we) should be feeling  hungry even when you are trying to lose weight. These 5 foods will keep you full and healthy. Goodbye forever hunger! ?