5X WIN: A personal 12-week body transformation plan

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This contest has been closed. The winners are Merel, Lys, Yvonne, Lydia, Godelief, Nina, Anousha, Anneclaire, Michelle and Marit - you have been contacted over email. For those who didn't win: don't worry, we got a small surprise coming up for you ;) Keep checking back on the site, we'll post an article about it soon!

January is all about reinventing yourself and starting (or continuing) to work on an even more awesome you. Maybe you want to become more confident in your skin, or perhaps you aim to become fitter and more energized. Whatever your goal is, what better way is there to achieve them than to have a personalized, 12-week body transformation plan with someone coaching you? Oh yes, together with StrongFit we are going to make 5 Fit Girls very happy!

2015 is going to be all about you getting to your goals. StrongFit is going to help you with this by designing a personal 12-week body transformation plan together with you. First your current lifestyle will be analyzed, after which feasible and responsible  goals will be set. You'll get a personalized food and training schedule which you can keep up with in an app for your phone. Daily (online) conversations with your coach will help you in your 12-week journey and will keep you motivated!

So what's your goal for 2015? Getting killer abs? Losing the love handles? It doesn't matter what you're aiming for, StrongFit is going to help you achieve it! Check out the results of others who have tried the StrongFit method. Also, be sure to follow StrongFit on Instagram for tips and a daily dose of motivation.

Although the website is in Dutch, do not worry international Fit Girls! Everyone can participate in this contest. Everything will take place online so that your location does not matter. Now... How to win?


Complete all three steps below:

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  3. Tell us in the comments below why YOU should be one of the five lucky winners.

Aaand go! Tell us why you should win! Contest runs for one week and ends 13 January 2015.