6 Fit facts you did not know yet

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Most of you Fit Girls probably knows her share of facts about  a healthy lifestyle. However, I ran into some facts that really surprised me, so I thought, why not make a list of some mind-blowing fit facts? I am wondering how many of these you already know! Let's hope I'm not the only one who didn't know them yet. That would be awkward. Let's see...

  1. One half of a red bell pepper contains three times the recommended amount of Vitamin C and almost 100% of the recommended amount of Vitamin A per day. Seriously, I should start eating this as a snack!
  2. Lifting weights also improves the way you stand. Many of our daily activities (sitting at a desk, driving a car, making a phone call) have consequences on our posture, take for example hanging shoulders or a bent back. Lifting weights corrects your posture , which will also make it seem like you have lost weight even if you didn't, just because of your stance.
  3. Walking burns more fat per calorie than sprinting. Wait, what? I should mention too that walking, of course, burns less calories in total. But to put it plainly: fat needs oxygen in order to be metabolized for energy. Since walking leaves more available oxygen in your body than sprinting, you burn more fat per calorie while taking a stroll around the neighbourhood. On the other hand, sprinting uses other sources (such as carbs) to metabolize for energy, and sprinting burns more calories overall. Better bring out that powerwalk of yours!
  4. Dark chocolate is a superfood! I bet half of you already knew this and the other half dreamt of it. Dark chocolate has been proven to lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and boost heart health. And don't forget what I said about dark chocolate in my oatbars recipe article. Oh, and eating dark chocolate boosts your mood - but that isn't really breaking news ;)
  5. A muscle fiber is thinner than a human hair, but can support 1,000 times its weight. Makes me feel like we're becoming superwomen!
  6. Drinking more than 4 cups of green tea daily decreases the chance of having symptoms of a depression. Or at least, that's what studies show.

Which fit facts did you know already? Do you know more surprising facts?