Why you should give yoga a go

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We can imagine that if you have never been to a yoga class before, you might be a bit sceptical about the phenomenon. Heavy breathing, uncomfortable looking poses and it doesn’t really look like a sport. However there are many great (health) benefits and we have listed a couple for you below:

  1. Stress reduction
    You, your mat and your breathing. Nothing less and nothing more, which is not something we can say about every day life. During yoga you let go of life for a while. No phone, e-mail or people nagging you. Just you, your mat and your breathing.
  2. Better sleep
    It is a no brainer, but when you are more relaxed, you sleep better. Yoga teaches you to let go of negative energy, which is what keeps you up at night.
  3. Improve your relationships
    When you are more relaxed and sleep better, the effect is noticeable for the people around your too. You will handle yourself better in an argument. Sound great right!
  4. Better posture
    Yoga just like ballet strengthens your core (read: abs ladies!).  Doing yoga for a couple of weeks you will walk taller, sit up straight and feel more confident.
  5. Stronger and leaner muscles
    Yoga is all about using your own body weight and stretching, resulting is strong lean muscles and make you look Jennifer-Aniston-hot
  6. Mental sharpness
    Research has proven that practicing yoga is great for concentration and memory. It also has a positive effect on diseases such as Alzheimer