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Yay! Thank you for visiting FITGIRLCODE. This is our story.

This blog is run by two best friends from Rotterdam: Christel & Aranka. We have been super best friends forever and have even lived together. In the winter of 2012, after inhaling a bag of M&M’s we talked about getting ready for bikini season. Having been very active all our lives we never really had to watch what we ate.. until..

This is the part where it gets really scary..

We got older! ^_^

So we started with fitness and running, it helped a bit but we did not really see any results. Until..

This is the part where it gets really interesting…

We started eating clean and lifting weights :)! Not really rocket science we know. But back then we thought that diet coke and salad would be our saviour. Now we know differently and are feeling fan-fucking-tastic because of it. We want to share our rules, regulations, tips and tricks. We call this: the fit girl code.

One of our missions is to really get in touch with our readers. Also we want this blog to be about fit girls in the world, not just about us. That would be boring. So feel free to contact us for anything, we are very approachable

Hugs and squats,

Christel & Aranka