A while ago this post about 7 Life changing recipes with Oreo’s was published on #FITGIRLCODE. One of my other guilty pleasures is Nutella and you can use it for a lot of delicious snacks. So I selected a few of THE most awesome Nutella recipes for this post. Which one are you going to make? 


Cafe delites

Nutella Churro Balls

Nutella is awesome. Churros are awesome. Combine the two and you’ll have the best snack EVER. These aren’t fried but you make them in the oven. For this you can use a mini muffin tray. Or you could choose a big muffin tray which will give you enormous Churro Balls. Awesome!


The food charlatan

Nutella stuffed blondies

These soft, chewy blondies are filled with Nutella. The perfect dessert for each and every chocolate lover!


Crazy for crust

Rocky Road pudding cookies

These rocky road cookies are made of chocolate pudding, nuts, marshmallows and Nutella. YUM!


Baking a moment

S’Mores cupcake jars

Combine your favourite chocolate spread with marshmallows and cookies. That’s always a good idea! This is perfect as a dessert for your Christmas dinner. If you’re not already completely stuffed from the other with food, that is. 😉



Nutella covered bacon

The combination of Nutella and salt is my favourite. I always sprinkle a little salt over my Nutella sandwich. So you’ll definitely understand that a piece of bacon covered in Nutella sounds like heaven on Earth for me. What about you?



Nutella therapy cookies

These feel good cookies are soft, chewy and filled with Nutella, chocolate chips and sea salt. Need I say more?


Culinary Hill

Nutella banana croissants

These Nutella banana croissants only need 4 ingredients and they’re done within 20 minutes. I love to make these treats for my Sunday breakfast!

I’m really curious to know about your favourite Nutella recipe. If you have a few share them with us by leaving a comment! 

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