A short while ago we posted on our Instagram account a new awesome Fit Girl quote “My Abs Are Like My Boyfriend I Don’t Have A Boyfriend” and your responses were so cool! It was one of our most popular posts. So…we decided to make it for all you Fit Girls out there! 


Sweatshirt-Zwart-voorkant-300x297Since, we got so many likes we needed to do something about this new awesome quote! So here it is, the ABsolutely Awesome tee, made with humor to make you laugh and work on those abs ;).






Tote Mermaid WIT

Fit Girl Bella: “I believe that ‘Reasons To Be A Mermaid: No Thigh Gap, No Pants, Free Clam Bra’ is the perfect quote, because, you know, who doesn’t want to be a mermaid and have all of those privileges? That’s why I also have the Mermaid tote in my collection of bags.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFit Girl Nathalie:” I love the ‘I Am Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry’ quote. It’s totally applicable to my life since I sometimes can turn into a real hangry bitch when I’m hungry. I think many girls can relate to this. And we have some good news for you, this awesome sweater is now available in the webshop!”



All I can say is can’t wait to get the ABsolutely Awesome tee! I’ll let you know if one day I get abs and maybe even… a boyfriend 🙂 If you have any quotes you like or fun stories to share don’t hesitate! We love to hear about your experiences!

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