Hello my lovely fit girls, here is you weekly dosis of Model Workout . What could be nicer than a stretch in the early morning, mid-day or after work or heavy training? (Maybe pancakes, chocolate and chips if you’re not ‘allowed’) Okay maybe there are hundreds of things better than a stretch but why do so many of you skip this essential part of your workout actually? Too many people walk into the gym and directly place themselves into the mechanical devices or just do half an hour on the treadmill and then walk right back out.

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 Why you should always stretch

  1. prevent muscle soreness after a major effort
  2. muscle relaxation
  3. injury prevention
  4. rehabilitation
  5. performance

Check out our video and start stretching!

Better blood flow and more oxygen
Poor flexibility can also ensure that movements are less technically perfectly implemented. By stretching your muscles you make them longer. An enlarged joint movement is especially important in accelerating actions, torque, impact and throwing movements. In addition, you can make more force with your muscles through a greater length contraction. Because you stretch the muscles, they are less strained. The result: better blood flow and more oxygen. The muscles are flexible, allowing the movement to be smoother, and more coordinated.

Improve agility
Agility Training is an intense program of stretching exercises with the aim to obtain an increase in agility. Daily finishing one or two stretching programs (and this six days out of seven) is ideal to improve agility. In order to not loose your booked profits, stretch at least two times a week. The different exercises are best repeated every practice session like 2 to 5 times.

I expect to see you on our Model Workout portal where you can also train along all our other workouts.




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