Attention Fit Girls! Today’s topic is all about having fun while getting fit and losing fat with: battle ropes, baby! These super-sized epic ropes are heavy enough to add resistance for you to have a killer workout. Check out 4 instructions for you to kick ass on shoulders, arms, abs and secondary: the legs.

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In just 15 minutes you can realize a powerful battle rope workout which simultaneously trains several muscle groups as well as your condition. While you burn around 10 calories per minute, it will make you sweat and lose fat eventually. I’m totally roped into this workout and want to share 2 wave-moves with you to help you get stronger. Are you excited too? Here we go!

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Starting position: Stand in front of the ropes, grab with each hand an end and keep your arms extended at your side. Keep your legs a bit blended and not stretched, this will help you move and resist to the waves.

Initiate the wave movement by rapidly raising your arms to shoulder level as fast as you can.

Exercise 1: raise both arms at the same time at the same level.
Exercise 2: raise your arms the opposite side to shoulder level and back.

  • You finished your movement when you brought your arms back to starting position.
  • Keep whipping the ropes up and down as quickly as you can while you tighten your core and legs.

I prefer to do 4 sets of 3 minutes continuously waving the battle ropes.

Never forget to make gym time fun time, ladies!

Live happily ever active,

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