Hi Fit Girls! The legendary moment has arrived for me to write a piece of text for this amazing platform! Although some of you might have encountered a personal note attached to their webshop order(s) signed by ‘Fit Girl Danique’, many of you probably do not have a clue who I am and how I take part in the #FITGIRLCODE crew.

I met Aranka during the final weeks of my Master studies and became enthusiastic because of her entrepreneurial spirit and her passion for sports and fashion. Coming from an entrepreneurial family myself and sharing the very same passions in life I decided I wanted to be part of the #FITGIRLCODE team. In the midst of summer I began a new adventure at #FITGIRLCODE and became responsible for setting up and launching the brand new #FITGIRLCODE webshop.

The webshop launched… And, my goodness, we have been overwhelmed by your amazing support! The orders kept coming in and it was hectic for the team to keep up, but I’m proud to say we have managed. The webshop is running steady these days and we’re receiving e-mails and orders from all around the world. It is great to see that the #FITGIRLCODE spirit is spreading across the globe, and, as I always put it: we’re getting closer and closer to world domination!

Of course I’m more than happy to hear from you girls (and potential Fit Guy boyfriends) what you like about the webshop, but especially what you would like to see in the future and what we should work on. So at all times, feel free to send a e-mail to shop@fitgirlcode.com and let me know!



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