Bye bye boobies

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Sooner or later all Fit Girls will have to deal with this: due to your healthy lifestyle, your full, round, in-your-face bosom is coming to an end. For years you've been used to men not looking you in the eyes, your boobies in your neck when you have to run for the bus and having a décolleté without making an effort. Those days are over. The more you train and watch what you eat, the faster it goes: say goodbye to your boobies! But, is your sex appeal now doomed? Hell NO! Fit Girls are made of 100% badass and another 100% sexy. Let's see the advantages of a smaller chest lined up:

All tops look cute on you

Yes, also the one with a Tirol-collar, cowgirl vibe or hectic prints. Maybe you used to feel a little bit too hot to handle (read: trashy) in those, but now you can go nuts with it. Moreover, you can finally button up that cute denim jacket to the top and you don't have to buy your jackets 3 sizes too big anymore, just because your chest didn't fit.

Your booty gets the attention it deserves

By squatting, lunging and running you get a stunning booty! Whereas first the attention used to go to your chest, now all of a sudden your bottom is getting the appreciation it deserves. And isn't it awesome that that's all because of your hard work?

You can make others happy with your expensive bras

I used to swear by expensive bras from stores where a sweet saleswoman picked them out for you and you only had to wait half-naked in the dressing room until they were handed to you. I also used to buy three at the same time because I could never choose. 'Unfortunately' my fit journey is going so well that after a couple of months, I had some room left in my bras. But, some of your bosom friends (hehe) can be very happy with that. The major advantage: you can go to cheap stores now for your bras! Since they're now smaller they also need a little less support. Saves you a lot of money!

Gravity is not your enemy anymore

Smaller boobs are less heavy and will not start to hang as much when you get older. SCORE! That's good news huh? Side note: if you have a baby there's a chance that he/she ruins that party for you. But until then: yay!

Neat and petite

Sometimes it can feel like your girlfriends have emptied out a little bit. The fat in your boobs makes them nice and round, and when that disappears they can appear a little sad. But don't worry, your skin takes a bit longer to shrink in, and with the right chest exercises you can make them look very neat again. This article of Women's Health explains some very nice exercises to do so!

Boobless and proud

Every size boobies is beautiful, even if you don't have a lot of boobage to begin with, or if you still carry around two bazooka's after losing weight. Be proud of what your momma gave ya and work hard for what you want to see differently! And remember: you are 100% badass and 100% sexy! And if you wrap them up in awesome Jogha bras you can shine with them every workout ;) Shop them here!