This is how you can prevent annoying injuries!

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Nothing is more annoying than when you're forced to do nothing because of a nasty injury. We obviously don't want this and it's therefore important to avoid injuries as much as possible. With these tips you will prevent those annoying injuries from happing!

1. Always start with a warm-up

When you do a workout with cold muscles, there is a higher chance of you having muscle ache the next day! And that's not all, because cold muscles can also make it a lot easier for you to pull or tear them. By doing a good warm up, your muscles get more flexible and can take on more when you exercise.

2. Listen to your body

Your body can tell you best how it's feeling, so listen to it carefully! Have you suffered from muscle ache for more than a week? Do you get cramps more often? Do your shins feel irritated? Are your muscles constantly exhausted? These are all signs of injuries. Take some rest for a couple of days and when the pain/irritation continues, it's wise to go see a physiotherapist. Together with the signals your body is giving you, he or she can tell you whats wrong so you know exactly what you can and can't do.

3. Make sure you have the right materials

The use of wrong materials, or using them incorrectly, is one of the biggest cause of injuries. So, make sure you wear suitable shoes while exercising and use equipment in the gym properly. Take note of the instructions on the equipment to adjust them to your needs.

4. The correct execution

I know, you want to train with as much weight as you can as quickly as possible, but wait! You have enough time to achieve your goal and desired weight. It's much more important that you execute an exercise correctly before you increase the weight. If you do an exercise incorrectly it can cause annoying injuries... So, seriously, make sure you do an exercise correctly and after that you can add more weight to it!

5. Make sure to take days off

When we have a goal in mind, we tend to think it's good to exercise as much as possible, but believe me; your body needs rest! Just like you can get too exhausted from too little sleep, your body can also can become overwhelmed and overtrained by exercising too much. Planning in rest days ensures that your body gets the rest it needs, giving you enough energy for next weeks workout!

What are your tips for preventing injuries? Let us know so we help each other!

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