What is clean eating?

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We talk a lot about clean eating. But what exactly is clean eating? I have seen so many nice recipes, but as I am a person who doesn’t know anything about how to eat healthy and trends in the eating business, I just didn’t have any clue what it meant. Therefore, I have collected some information in the wonderful world called internet to help you and myself understand what clean eating is.

At first, I got kind of confused since there was no clear definition of clean eating. But as I dug deeper and deeper, I finally found out the basic understanding of it. Turns out, it's not so difficult after all.

Alright, so what is it?
Clean eating is eating food in its most natural state. It is all about simplicity and keeping it natural. This means that clean eating doesn’t involve food that is processed (a lot of E numbers), food with a lot of bad fats, food with preservatives (keeps the food from rotting), food with added sugar, or food that you changed a lot from its natural state while preparing your meal (for example, cooking your carrots while melting cheese on top of it while at the same time pouring gravy upon it. Of course this is a really gross example, but just to make things more clear ;)). Instead, the whole philosophy behind clean eating is that you eat your products in the most simple, fresh and natural state as possible. This also means that making healthy cooking choices are part of the deal, because you want to keep the food as original as possible.

According to some researchers, many health benefits are connected to clean eating. Sleeping better, having more energy and experiencing a better mood are some of the benefits that are paired with clean eating. That sounds quite positive.

I honestly have to say that after this information, I would like to try some clean eating myself. It doesn’t  sound that difficult. Aaaaaaandd I will start by trying this recipe at home. I LOVE CHOCOLATE BROWNIES!

If you want to try clean eating, check our articles on Fitgirlcode.com and learn how to make a chocolate mug cake, a strawberry coconut milkshake,  french fries, cauliflower pizza, or many other stuff. And to help you even more, here are 6 healthy tips on how to start eating clean.

What about you? Do you want to try it sometime?