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You either love them or you hate them but they are the definition of girlpower: high heels! I know we live in a 'Girls-on-Sneakers-rule' generation but every woman feels like a million bucks when they rock their 4-inch heels! I know for sure I do! They are sexy and flattering and they boost not only your height, but also your confidence. YAY for petit girls like me! But let's be honest, high heels are just like men: although they hurt you like hell sometimes, they are soooo hot and we can't live without them...

Some cool facts about high heels!

1. Heels were originally designed for men!
In the 16th century as part of the battle armor, the Persian horseback warriors wore 'high heels', out of necessity rather than fashion. The extended heel was developed especially for riding, to keep the rider’s foot from slipping out of the stirrups. The extended heel also helped to keep the rider steady when standing up in the stirrups and shooting arrows.

Take a look at such men as King Louis XIV ( in the 1700’s) who loved high heels so much that other people were not allowed to wear them, unless they were nobility. To make a point even the nobility was not allowed to have heels taller than his. You also have to keep in mind that at that time, being shorter than the rest of the people was not a great ego booster for a king. So you can understand his obsession with high heels. Men and their sizes... ;-)

2. The power of the stiletto
The American fitness center Crunch, known for its unique programs, offers a class called “The power of the stiletto.” It lasts 45 minutes, in which helps you sculpture amazing calves, nice and tight legs, while improving the posture and teaching you how to walk, dance and feel comfortable and sexy in high heels.

4. Alternate high heels and flat shoes
If you have to wear high heels, or just love wearing them, you have to alternate between high heels and flat shoes. If heels are worn for most of the day, for weeks on end, the calf muscles shrink permanently, on average 13 per cent (!), and becomes weaker. As a result when flat shoes are worn, the calf muscles are forced to strechts which can be very painful.

5. The most expensive heels in the world cost $3 million!

The movie Shawshank Redemption showed a prisoner using a poster with an image of Rita Hayworth to help him in his escape from prison and inspire him to maintain his sanity. Rita Hayworth did more than that. She also inspired the creation of one of the most expensive shoes in the world. Using the actress’ favorite earrings for his inspiration, Stuart Weitzman created a pair of open-toed heels of burnt sienna satin. They are decorated with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Hayworth’s daughter, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, owns the shoes.

6. The average woman owns 20 pairs of shoes, a study found, but wears only five of them regularly. (I bet those 5 pairs are sneakers!)
Nine of ten women admit having at least one pair they have never taken out of the closet. The most common reason is that the shoes are uncomfortable to wear, impossible to match with any of their outfits, and if the shoes were very expensive they are too scared to damage them.

I cannot expres my love for high heels in words, but I am very thankful that the sporty chique trend is really hot right now. Although I love wearing heels, sneakers are the best!

XO Kiki
If you had to choose, what would it be? Heels or sneakers??

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