Dark Pleasure

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It’s not a confession anymore, everybody knows already. I eat chocolate every (damn) day. Is that bad? When you say chocolate, I start smiling. It just makes me happy, keeps me going and I really really enjoy every piece. So there’s nothing bad about that. The only bad thing is that I have no limits. Once I open a bar or a bag I can’t stop myself and I always need more, more, more!! I believe it’s time to try the dark way. Dark chocolate is more healthy, you need less ánd I will get my daily cocoa shot. Sounds like a win- win but still I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate. Ok, ok, let’s give it a (cocoa) shot…

72% it is
The healthy part starts at 72% cacao so let’s start with this one first. I pick the brand Swiss en take a bite. Uhm, this tastes really different. It barely melts in my mouth en tastes bitter, but also a bit sour. Come on girl, this ain’t that bad I tell myself. After 2 pieces I’m done already. Talking about a cacao shot ;-).

Plan B
Ok, maybe I was a little bit overconfident to start with 72% as a not dark chocolate fan.  Plan B is to get the ‘eye-catcher’ chocolate bar from Tony’s Chocolonely with 70% cacao. It has a blue wrap so that feels like milk chocolate to me, that it might works. Yes, this taste much better. It’s not easy to break off a small piece, but just like the Swiss bar I’m done after two pieces.

All the way
After a few weeks eating dark chocolate, it tastes better and better. So it’s time for the next step. All the way with 85%. This is for advanced chocolate eaters. I’m not sure if I’m at this level already, but let’s taste some Lindt chocolate. When I take my first bite I think it’s not that bad, the chocolate melts slowly in my mouth when the taste comes up. Holy choco! This is really dark. I try another piece, but my conclusion is that I’m not ready for this yet.

Allright, let’s keep it at 70% or 72% for a while. I’m proud at myself that I tried something new and that the dark way is tasty too. Still, milk chocolate will be my favorite but my daily shots will be healthy dark shots :P What’s your favorite chocolate? Milk like me or dark?

And I have some Lindt chocolate left over. Anyone?

High five,