A day at the #FITGIRLCODE HQ - PART 1

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What's working at #FITGIRLCODE HQ like? It's way more than just writing interesting blogs and doing photoshoots in awesome workout clothes. It's part of the job, yes that's right, but running a successful community involves other noteworthy stuff as well. Wanna know what a typical day at the office looks like? I asked all the girl bosses at our office to give you sneak peek into their daily activities. 

"Never a dull week for me at #FITGIRLCODE HQ. Even though I'm living my own dream, sometimes I wish that God wasn't such an achiever, building the whole world in just 7 days! 9 days would have been fine by me as well ;) Anyway, last week pretty eventful too! Monday me and Shelley (our brand relations manager) went to Fashiolista (our media agency) to seal the deal on some real awesome collaborations. When I arrived back at the office, I found a huge envelop on my desk from Thailand. It could be just one thing: fabrics of the new Jogha spring collection. Yay! The fabrics and design turned out awesome! Of course I want my new collection to be perfect, so together with my designer I reviewed all the pieces and emailed the people in Thailand my feedback. As soon as I finished this e-mail, I opened a file I have been working on like a mad woman, called: the #FITGIRLCODE business plan. Since it's our mission to make the world a happier & healthier place, we gotta have a plan. A good solid plan. For now, everything is still top secret, but I can assure you: great things are about to happen!"

Laura - Chief Production Manager
"I get to do a lot of stuff when working on #FITGIRLCODE and Jogha and I love every single part of it. But what I really enjoy doing is making videos and last month we made a LOT of videos. I have already worked on a lot of exercise videos and last month we had quite the challenge because it was going to be the first time we were shooting a video recipe. Fit Girl Anne got in the kitchen and created some amazing and delicious recipes. What most people don't know is that shooting food is one of the hardest things to do because you have to do your best to make everything look as tasty as possible. I am proud to say that Anne, our cameraman and of course me :) did an amazing job. We're so happy with the results, check it out for yourselves."

Anna - Lead Editor & Press Relations Manager
"At #FITGIRLCODE I get to do something I really like, which is writing. Whether it's a press release, an interview or an article, I write it. Besides that I also think about the content we post on our blog. What are trending topics at the moment and which one of our bloggers could write about it? For example, if we find a real cool article on Huffingtonpost related to mindfulness I know who forward it to. By now, I know what our bloggers are passionated about and what their super powers are. Besides editing I also manage our press relations. Last week me and Aranka went to Cosmopolitan HQ to brainstorm about a new cool project we're gonna do. Also, when magazines or newspapers contact me for high res images I make sure they get those as soon as possible. Friday for example, Metro Mode called me for high resolution images of the Jogha collection. Check out the awesome article they made. Such a compliment for a new sports brand like Jogha to get featured among all the 'big boys'."

Danique - e-Commerce Manager
"After a superduper busy December, January and February tend to be a little less stressful in the online retail landscape. So instead of only packing and shipping orders for our customers, it leaves more room to think about a new year and thus a new strategy, new product development and for evaluating our customers' experiences. My main goal now is to improve the webshop for the good; so that is basically the most important thing I'm working on these days. This all does sound very serious (and most of the times it is), so a little (or you can say a lot) of excitement was very welcome on a random Tuesday morning upon which my colleague Anna called me to say that a M.A.J.O.R. magazine would love to use some of our clothing for a photoshoot, and oh, if we could make sure that the apparel would be delivered the next day on the other side of the world?! For a couple of minutes I did a crazy dance through my living room and hurried the hell up to get to our warehouse to fix it. Without going in too much technical details, this involved a lot of communication with our parcel carrier and preparing documents for Customs. But oh well, it seems like we're going to be perfectly on time so fingers crossed!"

Shirley - Graphic Designer Trainee
"It has been pretty challenging to start working full time as a graphic designer and having little to non-previous experience. I found it especially challenging to understand the logic behind the Adobe programs and doing what a graphic designer is expected to do. Fit Girl Kim has helped me incredibly much and by trying things out I managed to learn a lot. I am very proud of the progress I made and the fun projects I was part of at FITGIRLCODE HQ. On a daily basis, I help creating banners for the websites and our online campaigns. I also edit pictures, design what is printed on the #FITGIRLCODE collection, design presentations and our newsletters and many other things. One of the most exiting moments for me is when I go on Instagram and I see girls around the globe wearing a shirt or a sweater with my design on it. It is greatly rewarding and motivating to see that the community likes my work!  Lastly, I am the happiest person to have done my internship related to design, I discovered something I am passionate about and that I could spend days doing. Indeed, it definitely has made me a happier person to find something I love doing!"

There was not enough room in this article to introduce all the awesome chicks working at our office, so you'd better stay tuned for part 2!

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