When you’re working at an office on a daily basis, you’re probably used to sitting behind a computer. However, sometimes you just want to move more: stretch your legs, your arms, your neck.  Stretching and exercising will also help you to get your blood flowing and will increase your energy level which will be beneficial for your work/school. This is the reason why I’ve come up with a small office work out that will help you to move in the office, to make you more productive and to make you feel less stiff.

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Without you looking like an idiot and catching too much attention from your fellow colleagues, I’ve set up different exercises that are easy to do on a chair, at the coffee machine, when you’re standing next to a table or when you’re walking to the toilet. Ready for it? Here we go!

1. Shoulder work out. When you’re sitting all day, your neck and shoulders can become stiff. Try to put your shoulders up to your ears for 5 seconds. When you go down again, you’ll feel much more relaxed and less stiff (at least that’s what I’ve experienced).


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