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Sabien from De Patatgeneratie wrote an awesome review on her blog about the Jogha tights! We translated it for you to see what she has to say about the Ethnic Unique tights.

I can be very critical when it comes to sports clothes. Tops are just fine when they're only 10 euros and from H&M, but when it comes sports bras, I can get really picky (I have a huge scar on my thorax from one of my old sports bras). The same goes for tights, leggings or whatever you want to call them :)

Back in the day, you wouldn't caught me dead in tights when working out. The results of years of cycling, snowboarding and hockeying all in combination with my short legs =  a no-go for tight pants. Until one day I ran in a tights...I was hooked immediately. Since then I've had a preference for the Nike Epic Tights which in my opinion couldn't be defeated by any other.

That's when I saw that Aranka from #FITGIRLCODE launched Jogha, a Luxury Sportwear line. It looked good. Especially when Annemerel wrote a review saying the tights were of the same quality as the Nike Epic tights. And even though the Nike Epic tights are really good, I was getting a little tired of the Nike marketing machine. I got the chance to test the Jogha tight and that's just what I did!

The last couple of weeks I took spinning classes, ran, did yoga, strength training and a body pump lesson and I watched a lot of Netflix in my Ethnic Unique Long Tights. I also washed them 3 times. Do you want to know my real, honest and not-sponsored opinion?

  • Pocket = Plus. Muy importante! A pocket in the waistband for my key when I go for a run.
  • Waistheight = Good. Not to high (my first tights came up to my armpits, like a strapless jumpsuit) and not too low which means you don't have any crack when squatting.
  • Material = Nice and sturdy! Without any problems it survived the squat- & cellulite test! (I asked my boyfriend to check if he could see my underwear while I was holding 60 kilos in my neck).
  • Chord = Present. When you go for a run in a tight that slides down your butt, you can really get in a bad mood and you have to stop to pull up your pants. A real no-go.
  • Design = Brilliant. Seriously, I really love tights with prints. However, I'm only 1.66 metres and I have sculpted, firm legs. Not always the best combo. Nevertheless, this design is especially made for you so that your legs look slimmer and your butt less big. Moreover, this is all accompanied by a nice print. I think they did a great job.
  • Price = Ok. Back in the days, I would not have paid €75 euros for a legging. But after my Hema, H&M and Primark tights that were so incredibly bad, it's better to invest in a durable tight of 75 euros in stead of tights that are see through, slide of your butt or tights in which you don't feel comfortable in. If you sum up tof he prize all the cheap tights, it's more than 75 euros.

In short: It's a good pair of tights. Nike Epic quality, but with an even better (!) design and now one of my favorite tights in my tight collection. You can buy your Jogha clothing here and because this is a review, I also included some pictures of the tight. Shot by Object d'Amour. 

This dumbell was 10 kilos and I actually succeeded in getting it up for once for the picture. I didn't lift it after this.

Squat test = succeeded. Design = Perfect.

Pocket in the waistband! And it was delivered in a beautiful box. It's not really that important, but really cool when you buy a somewhat more expensive item. Girls will be girls and would like to have beautiful boxes and luxurious packaging, check.

The tight is also perfect to watch Netflix for a whole day.

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