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A year ago I decided that my sales job at a marketing firm was a waste of my talent. I was always looking for stylish sportswear. Although the materials of existing sportswear were great, the clothing did not really match my personal style. What I didn’t find during my quest for the perfect sportswear, I decided to make myself. This is how Jogha came to exist. Luxury sportswear for busy women who do not only want to look their best but also be their very best, inside and outside of the gym. Each week I’ll share a chapter of the story behind Jogha.

It's been a month since Jogha is officially for sale. I have to admit that I was just a tiny bit nervous the first few weeks ;) Would everyone like my first collection just as much as I did? The whole # FITGIRLCODE team was crazy about it, but what would the rest of the world think of the Badass Collection? When the first people started posting pictures of their Jogha outfit I felt so proud. Girls all over the world were actually wearing my clothes. Pinch me I'm dreaming! I got so much great feedback on every garment. People really like the quality of the sportswear and think it's definitely worth investing in good sportswear like Jogha. Sportswear that supports you even in the toughest situations!

Fashionbirds:"That's right... I basically live in my Jogha pants!"

Ikat: a true art piece
Besides the Colourful Leopard and the Etnique Unique I was looking for an edgy but classic print. Looking for inspiration I went to one of the most fashionable cities in the world: Paris. I came in contact with a guy from California who eventually made the Ikat print. If you look closely, the Ikat print is build up in layers and is more a piece of art than a print.


Long Tights Ikat
The Jogha Long Tights are also the first ones I designed. In my research to design the perfect running tights, I came across some interesting insights. Fit Girls wanted a cool print, but some of the prints were not flattering and accentuated their upper legs. That is why we combined a black base with bold prints for support and streamlined physique. We used flatlock stitching to prevent chafing and added an extra panel on the side to create a curve that flattered.. well.. the booty!

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Gym Bra Ikat
The gym bra was designed to create a push up effect while still keeping your ladies in place. The soft elastic bands are comfortable yet firm. All materials that we used manage moisture and give you more confidence during your workout.

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