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Detox is a word we Fit Girls never to want to hear when it comes to food and diet. However, when it’s a detox of the digital kind we are all ears. We use our mobile phones for work, convenience and for fun but some of us treat our phones as we would a baby; that simply can’t be left unattended! If this sounds like you, we are here to tell you how you can be in with a chance to experience a first of its kind retreat to digitally detox in a luxury Ibiza villa.

So what do you people do with their kids when they need a break to get other important things in their life done? They put them into day care. So why don't we have the same thing to detach ourselves from our mobile phones? Gin Mare is the company behind the genius concept of a digital day care, to offer the most digitally connected people amongst the online generation the chance (and excuse) to take some respite from living in digital overdrive.

A recent survey conducted by Times Magazine and technology company Qualcomm, shows that people’s phones are almost an extension of their body with 68% of users taking it with them to bed and even to the toilet. Maybe that’s no big deal seen as your phone has a Kindle app, so to you it’s just like reading a book. But, the latest Technology Trends Annual Report, released by Kleiner Perkins Caufield, revealed that on average, people check their phones 150 times a day! The amount of time we devote to our mobile phones nowadays means it really isn’t such a stretch to compare our device to a baby.When they ring, we answer them immediately; when they are quiet, we get worried and check it’s working. They consume us throughout the day, bringing us amusement and frustrate us by keeping us up at night.

In attempts to challenge the digitally addicted generation and bring us back to what really matters, Gin Mare have evoked their laid-back image and applied it to a tech rehab centre. Located at the luxurious Villa Mare in Ibiza, the retreat offers yoga, dance and meditation so that you can indulge in reconnecting with the beauty and pleasures of life offline; all while having your toes in the warm mediterranean sand. Organized by a brand that has developed an artisanal gin around four plants that best characterise the Mediterranean: basil, thyme, rosemary and Arbequina olives; of course cocktails and a Mediterranean menu will be part of this digital free experience.

To win a spot in the Daycare in Ibiza and undergo the detox, people in Europe can enrol themselves through the website Participants then need test prove they can live 72 hours without their phones by taking part in a home based mobile phone detox. For this challenge, they will receive a Stress Test Kit to their door which contains a special compartment to put their beloved gadgets to rest for the 3-day period and a personalized hashtag, so friends can send them encouraging messages through Twitter and the Daycare website. The winners who will get to go to the real digital detox in Ibiza, are the ones who survive the 72-hour period without their phones and receive the most messages on both the Daycare website and on Twitter.

Thinking about living without your phone for 72 hours might be inducing panicking you, but that’s all the more reason to take the test! Simply order your kit and follow the instructions and  see if you have what it takes and be in with a chance at this exclusive opportunity. What better way to detox from you digital habit and let the all inclusive luxury ease your anxiety!

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