What to look for while searching for a (new) GYM!

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Finding a place where you feel comfortable to workout can be absolutely nerve wrecking, exciting, draining and complex all together. Depending on how particular you feel about all the aspects in regard to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it can become quite a task. Because I am a sharer, you know I just can't help myself :-)  I decided to help you out by giving you three pointers that will make everything a little easier in your quest on what to look for while searching for a (new) gym.

Practice what you preach
Before I go on to share my tips I will let you in on this first. I myself  recently opted for trying out a SPANKING and BADASS new gym too and THE FITNESS STUDIO (TFS, for short), located in Nieuwegein, near Utrecht was my gym of choice. This gym just opened its doors in April 2015 and after reading about this hot new facility via Facebook I just knew I had to go there. I contacted the owner, personal trainer
Jim Davids and asked him if I could come to visit and see for myself what the gym had to offer. He responded really quick and enthusiastic and suggested to make an appointment to come and try some things out. I was even allowed to bring a fellow gymrat with me, so I invited @ily_fitgirl to join in on the fun.


Take it to the test
A warm welcome, followed with a tour gave us some insight and taste of the atmosphere. We were pleasantly surprised and impressed while we were showed all the facilities. While explaining the equipment and machinery it showed that Jim really knows what he’s talking about. Not that we had any doubt about his expertise but I personally find it very comforting as this makes talking and learning more about fitness so much easier.  I also loved to hear how passionated he talked about having his dream come true, since starting THE FITNESS STUDIO, after many years of being an instructor and a personal trainer and about how working with others on their goals inspires him on a daily basis. And in the process of all that he didn't forget to ask about my goals, in regard to determine if training at THE FITNESS STUDIO could contribute to that.  He topped the whole experience off by offering to show and help Ily and me with some exercises that we have some troubles with, like overhead presses and some that were new to us, like front and overhead squats. While doing so, he also showed us how to get better results while focussing more on technique and form altogether. And after this nice endeavor we started to think of new goals that we will keep you all posted about right here on #FITGIRLCODE.

Morning, evening, noon and night.
I visited THE FITNESS STUDIO in the morning because I like to workout early in the day. At what time of the day you prefer to workout is the first thing that should be taken in to consideration when you start your quest for a gym.  If you are an early bird, like me, you have to make sure the gym you want to opens early (7.00 pm at the latest). If you’re more of an evening person, you have to make sure that you pick a gym that stays open till late, lets say  22.00-23.00 am. If you’re the all- around- the- clock kind- of- person, you might find yourself lucky and opt for a 24/7 gym. Whatever choice you make, always make sure you don’t (just) pick a gym because all the people you know go there. In the end of the day, you’re the one that has to put in the work for YOU and who has to show up and kick ass.

What’s on the menu?
It is essential to make sure you know what your goals are when you go to the gym. Do you enjoy the company of others during your work-out? If so, make sure you look at the amount of classes that the gym provides and make sure they fill your every need. If you are planning to fly on solo instead, you'll have to to take in to account that you figure out what kind of machines and other equipment the gym has to offer. Making an appointment to check out the gym in person, getting a tour and feeling the atmosphere is o - so - necessaryTasting the waters (like we did) before you make the decision to sign up at any gym is highly recommended.           

Already set on a spot but not so sure just yet? Ask yourself how long it takes to get there and HOW. Always take in to consideration how much time you want to spend on jour journey towards and from the gym. Losing precious time while waiting for bus A to get you to location B is time you can invest in some extra sets. So pick and choose wisely!

Want to know more about how to look for a new gym, and what you can do to kick start your own journey? Hit me up at irisfitgirl@gmail.com or take a look on my instagram @iris_fitgirl

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