Funny moments you realized you have become a Fit Girl

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I used to be tired, lazy and a little overweight. The 180 degrees of change I've made didn't come in one day and most changes have come gradually. But lately I've experienced a couple of funny moments that made me realize I'm not the same person I used to be.
A year and a half ago I thought that people who worked out more than 2 times a week were insane and people that thought they liked oatmeal were lying to themselves. I love my best friend, but I hated it when she was talking about her healthy habits when I'd just opened my 4th bag of crisps that weekend ;). But now, I can truly say: I am one heck of a Fit Girl. Here are some funny moments you realize you turned into a Fit Girl, I guess many of you will recognize. If you recognize all, there is NO TURNING BACK! You are a Fit Girl for life.

You know you are a true Fit Girl when:

  • You look at a normal size container of quark and you think: ohmygossshh it's so cute and tiny! But why do they even make these? Where's your big brother?? I need my quarkfix!!
  • You go shopping and you come home with a new Nike sports bra, a new pair of yoga tights and pretty colored running shoes.
    And no normal people's clothes..
  • You realize you wear more sports gear than 'real clothes'.
  • You start to plan your life around your workouts.
    "No sorry, that's my CrossFit night. Yeah the day after that too. I do have an open spot left on Wednesday!" (REST DAY, haha!)
  • Your Instagram feed in the morning contains 100% smoothies and oatmeal bowl creations.
  • You get sports magazines, vitamin pills, a sports watch and a kettlebell for your birthday.
    And it makes you HAPPY!
  • You check the WOD (Workout Of the Day) at night and you go to bed excited about what you're going to do in the morning.
    Which will be: sweating, almost crying and dying. BUT STILL, you can't wait to go!
  • You are suddenly in love with leak-proof-meal-prep-boxes with several compartments.
    A Tupperware party sounds as fun as a night of binge drinking (did I say that out loud?)
  • You don't wash your hair every day anymore. Dry shampoo is now your friend.
    You wake up with greasy hair, but you are heading to the gym. You get your dry shampoo spray on and your pre-workout hairdo is done. Afterwards, showering is way more rewarding!
  • You start to appreciate muscular girls! And boys!
    I never cared for a six pack, but now I'm busting my ass to stay fit and gorgeous,  I want a boy to also put a bit of effort in his looks ;)
  • People start telling you: you should dress up more often!
    "Please don't turn into a sports addict that doesn't get out of her sweat pants..."
    Excuse me? Are you saying I don't look super sexy in them? ;)
  • Your friends give you new nicknames like Crazy Crossfit Spice
    Ohh, how I love that name!
  • Your friends don't want to share their candy anymore because "You can't have that right, FIT GIRL?!"
Have you experienced these moments of realization? Please share your funny moments with us and be sure to follow me on Instagram :)

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