There’s just something about spring, that makes me want to eat even more greens and fruits than I normally do. I love salads, not only because they are fresh and light, but also because you can take them with you. When you want to chill in the park with friends, a salad is the perfect solution.

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Easy and clean spring salad with a bite
This super easy salad I made because I got inspired by two girls eating a salad in the sun! I couldn’t see exactly what the ingredients were, but the grapes and gorgonzola combination caught my attention.


– Schwiss chard

-muscat grapes

– gorgonzola

– walnuts or cashews

– hemp seeds

– apple vinegar



The Schwiss chard and the muscat grapes make this salad a beauty. I love using the pretty and colorful versions of normal ingredients, so that a simple recipe like this looks a bit more exclusive. The gorgonzola gives the salad a bite, so be sure to crumble that in tiny pieces so it doesn’t overrule the fine tastes of the rest. I sprinkled apple vinegar for the freshness, and a bit of honey to make it sweet. Honey and gorgonzola go great together! I used walnut because I forgot to buy cashews, and I think the taste of cashew nuts would fit a bit better. The nuts and the hemp seeds are a source of protein.

Enjoy this amazing springtime dish!

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