5 kitchen essentials you're missing

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Being a Fit Girl is hard work. Doing healthy shopping, planning your meals in advance, deciphering recipes on nutritious meals, working out, you know being you. It all takes time and energy and you could use a little help, especially in the kitchen. That's why I've made a list of top 5 kitchen essentials you're missing (probably), if not then well done! 


5 Kitchen essentials you're missing

1. Apple divider 

You already know the story of how good apples are for you and occasionally even toss them in your salad. They make for a great snack and sometimes you just don't feel like slicing one up. Lucky you, now you can do that in one go, woosh!


2. Cups. In all sizes.

There are a lot of healthy and potentially delicious recipes out there that require you to measure your ingredients in cups.  before getting all tangled up in transforming all the units, take a look at these bright babies and all their colours!


3. Carrot 'sharpener' 

Yes, a carrot sharpener. Because why not? The next time you make a salad, just think how handy this can come along! And how interestingly cute it will look! I mean, just having this thing sitting around on your kitchen table top is pretty cool, but the fact that it's actually useful strikes bonus points! Warning: keep away from eyeliners and curious boyfriends.


4. Avocado slicer 

Alright, well, this thing looks pretty much like a broken egg beater, but don't let its looks fool you! Slicing up a ripe avocado can be a tricky business sometimes, which is why this super handy utensil will come to your rescue. Invest in one, you won't regret it!


5.  Unicorn sprinkles 

I've saved the best for last! Have you ever wondered where all those confetti looking, colourful and edible thingies on your ice-cream come from? This is quite self explanatory and you need to have it! It's probably going to be our new office mascot, here on Unicorn Island. Yep, seems appropriate.


Which essential do we miss? Do you have something that we didn't mention, let us know!