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#FITGIRLCODE founders have something to tell you…

When I started #FITGIRLCODE in February this year and asked Chris to join me, the only goal we had was to have fun, work out together and post a lot of pictures on Instagram. The account was meant for our own motivation and we started posting regularly. Now 6 months later, we have a team of 15 bloggers and are reaching over 100.000 women worldwide on all channels. It's safe to say, we are doing something right!

The community

#FITGIRLCODE would not be what it is today if it wasn't for you! You helped build the platform by giving us feedback, motivation and your honest opinion. You also were very helpful and understanding when our site crashed yet again after the 100th time…SOWWEY!

The Shop

When we had our first #fitgirlgoodies giveaway, you're responses were amazing! Everybody kept asking us for the bags and the tees. Everybody wanted to be a Fit Girl and we loved that! We wanted to make everybody happy and give everybody the chance to be a Fit Girl and represent what #FITGIRLCODE stands for. So especially for you Fit Girls all over the world, we're SO PROUD to announce today that our webshop is finally live!



With the earnings from our shop we will save up to build a new and better website. We will also expand the shop with products you Fit Girls want us to sell. So if you want #FITGIRLCODE jogging pants? We will make sure to make them for you! So please let us know what you think of our shop and what you would love to see more of! 

Thank you sweet Fit Girls!


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