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When you're trying to overcome your personal challenges or reach your fit goals, it's very important to celebrate your achievements. Sometimes you might get frustrated that you are not where you wanna be yet, but if you'd look back you've probably achieved way more than you thought in the first place. So when your able to do your first complete push up, run 5 k without pausing, fit in the jeans you've bought a size too small or reach whatever goal you might have set: reward yourself in some way! You literally worked your ass off to get there. Also, when you are experiencing a fit dip, treating yourself to something nice might help you to get motivated again.

I have shared another progress picture with you last week, and I am so proud of the goals I've achieved so far. So I decided that it was the right time to spoil myself with something awesome. I went on the quest for the coolest (sport) goodies and came up with this wishlist. Hope you get inspired to treat yourself with something nice as well!

1. The Layla headphone - Frends

I just love, love, LOVE the headphones from Frends. This brand combines function with style and designs all kinds of beautiful headphones to suit your mood. If you missed out on our Frends Give Away contest last week and still dream about owning these stylish earphones, you might consider spoiling yourself with one. My personal favourite is the Layla headphone. I really have a thing for the copper-look!

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2. Fitness bracelet - Jawbone

Fitness bracelets come in all different styles and shapes, but my personal favourite is this minimalistic model from Jawbone. This Bluetooth activity tracking band promises you to help achieve a healthy and holistic lifestyle. You can sync it with your smartphone to track your daily movements and inactivity. It even promps you into motion when you've been in one spot too long. It's like a personal trainer on your wrist!

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3. Adidas ZX Flux Floral

Whenever I start looking for new kicks I always get lost. These days there are so many beautiful and colorful models. Just too many to choose from! But these Adidas Flux Floral kicks just stood out in the crowd! These beauties complement an already colorful outfit or become a real eye-catcher if you combine them with a black sports legging and a dark solid sport top.

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4. Nike Free 3.0 Shield iD

I am so crazy about everything that comes in a mint green color. I already acquired a mint green Smeg refrigerator, but there is still a mint green Fiat 500 and a mint green Volkswagen van on my wish list! You gotta keep dreaming right? But until then I can hopefully ease my longing to mint green stuff with these awesome mint green Nike Free 3.0 Shields!

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5. Sigg Aluminum Water Bottle

To my great annoyance (and those of others) I often leave my water bottle behind after my work out. This ensures that I am always rushing to find something to drink from, 1 minute before I have to leave my house. I figured that if I get a water bottle I don't want to leave behind, the problem is solved! In my opinion, me and this shiny pink water bottle from Sigg would be a perfect match!

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6. Purple 8 Kg Kettle Bell

Kettle bells are the perfect fitness tools to spice up your work out routine. For example: if you want to re-do the 30 Day Squat Challenge but feel like you want to take it up a notch, add a kettle bell. Check out a work out video first, to make sure you do it the right way, and check out the article on adding weights to your workout. I totally love this purple kettle bell, because even when you're not using it, it still looks cool in your home.

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7. Nike Yoga Mat

When I do fitness exercises at home, until now I've always used the rug in my living room or a towel to lie down on. But I have to admit it's just not it. Towels for example, don't support your back and your butt enough and they slip away when you start moving. I figured, that since I am an advanced Fit Girl (wink wink), I deserve a pro yoga mat. Don't you think this yoga mat from Nike is a winner?

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What do you think is the coolest item on this list? Or have you spotted something cool you would definitely want to share? Please let me know!

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