Hi ladies, how are you today? Last week, me and some other #FITGIRLCODE crew members decided to sign up for a super fun training event with Vita Coco (you know, those healthy and delicious coconut water drinks!). We did a tough workout at the brand new Sixforty gym. We had a blast!

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Up: Fit Girl Stephanie attacking Anna, while I (Roos) try to flex my baby biceps.
Down: Fit Girl Safira looking flawless as ever <3


IMG_9646We met each other at the Sixforty gym in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This gym just moved to a brand new location. Everything looks super fresh and shiny! For me, this wasn’t the first time at Sixforty. Since two months, I own a gym card here, and I’ve fallen in love with the type of explosive, tough and diverse workout! Did you know there’s actually a couple of the Fit Girls training at Sixforty? Fit Girl Anna and Stephanie are two of the oldest members! It’s a definite must try if you’re looking for a new fitness experience!


We all got some yummy Vita Coco coconut waters to keep ourselves hydrated. Time to get started! Trainer Georgios showed us the workout.  This looks pretty easy, right? Well be warned.. sometimes the easiest looking workouts are the toughest!


After a heavy warming up (seriously, we were dripping in sweat, haha!), we spent 10 minutes on skill training. Personally I love training skills. I always feel like a little kid, when learning something new. It’s fun and it kinda tickles my brain, if you know what I mean! Today? Front squats! We practiced with a broomstick, before taking on the real weights.
PS: look at Fit Girl Anna’s squat booty! Whoop whoop!


Okay let’s rock the WOD (Workout Of the Day)! Two sets of six minutes insane madness! It might not seem like much, but OMG we went on full 100% beast mode! Haha 😉

Some pics to give you a glimpse of the training:









We had a BLAST! Working our asses of, meeting other cool girls with interest in sports, sipping’ on coconut water and playing around in Sixforty, one of the hottest (and best!) gyms in Rotterdam.


A little tip from us at #FITGIRLCODE: We really liked mixing the coconut water with water in a 1:1 solution for some extra hydration. Our own bottle #FITGIRLCODE is practically perfect for it!

I hope you liked reading this event report. Next up? The We Run Amsterdam race, hosted by Nike! We’ll be joining with a big group of Fit Girls, so we’d hope to see you there!



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