Fearless Features 3

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Always remember to breathe, especially during your intense WOD. Since breathing is the most essential thing we do, Jogha decided to add mesh details to the new Fearless collection to make sure you can breathe and move as much as you please while rocking your Jogha items.

Many pieces in the Fearless collection have been upgraded to contain dark gray mesh details in places that are eye-catching and are practical for you.


The mesh is functional. The new collection moves better and breathes better because of it, and you will feel the difference. If you overheat, you know it will be due to the effort you are putting into your workout and not because of constraining clothes. You'll find mesh details on the front and back of the Racerback Bra and Racerback Tank, on the back of the Gym Bra, and in strategic locations on all of the bottoms so you can sprint, squat, and cozy up just how you like to.

We believe that Jogha clothes are just as well suited for your trip to the gym as they are for your #OOTD. The new mesh details are fashionable and are a true improvement in the design of the collection. The mesh is subtle enough to not overpower the bold Jogha prints, but adds an extra element of style to the garment. Sportswear is not only about showing how sporty you are- it is also important to feel confident and comfortable in clothing that is functional and easy to wear on the street or in the gym.

Jogha is ready to move whenever you are, and the new mesh details exemplify this. You won't want to miss out on this collection, and come back in a couple days to read about the final feature we just couldn't wait any longer to share with you!