I started a new job and new things are great but they also cost energy. My energy level was not getting any better and my body was changing too. Nothing visible for others, but I know my body best so I saw my ‘abs’ slowly disappear and other parts grow. This could only mean one thing. Yes, I’m pregnant. Although I really want this, it’s still an OMG moment and life changing. A Fit Girl without energy? Sick and happy at the same time, read my first 3 months thoughts…

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Low battery
It’s not my first pregnancy because I already have a lovely girl Robin (almost 4 years) but that doesn’t make it easier. I felt so tired and sick (thank God no throwing up) and the only thing that helped was eating all day. So everywhere I went, I had something in my bag to eat. But after 30 minutes I felt sick again. I was exhausted at the end of the day. The hardest part was to keep my happy face and be as energetic as before. I still had to teach Bootcamp and my groupfitness classes. So I did.


Keep it quiet
Not telling anyone is not funny. We wanted to wait until we had our first echo at 10 weeks (seeing is believing). Still, I was lucky I started a new job so I told everyone around me that it was intensive (and it really was) and I was tired because of all new impressions etc. On the other hand, I thought my pregnancy was quite obvious because my pants where tight and my boobs became pretty big. Details people ;-). Nobody noticed.

Water please
Party time. Or not? I’m not a huge wine drinker, but when I skipped a glass of wine at a friend’s diner party, they knew enough. Details. But then I was at this movie premiere with work and I was not the driver, my colleague offered me a glass of wine. Awkward moment, so I took it anyway, but when he wasn’t looking I left my full glass at another table. I’m a fast drinker ;-). You won’t believe this, but when he offered me another glass later, someone accidentally bumped the glass right out of my hands. Funny stuff 🙂

Fit Girl
Ok! I feel sick, unhealthy and any exercise is too much because of my very low energy. Blegh. All the great pictures and updates on Instagram or Facebook are not helping me either. But hey, better days are coming right? What am I whining about? There’s something big going on, my body is getting ready to deliver a performance like a full marathon. Now that’s a challenge. Meanwhile I want to stay fit, so when I’ll have my energy back, I will work my ass off. And maybe in 2016 a real marathon?




I took this picture this summer and it will be my motivation next summer :-).What would be (or was) your biggest struggle when you’re pregnant?


High five,




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