It has been such an amazing year for #FITGIRLCODE! We saw the community grow and all your love, feedback and tips were so awesome. We loved hearing from you, each and every single time. You inspired us to keep evolving to be even better at what we were doing. 

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And we did! Creating and launching Jogha with a team of like-minded women, all experts in their own line of field was freaking amazing. We all worked our butts off to create something that would fulfill your needs when it comes to sports clothing. And so Jogha was born. Seeing all women, in all shapes and forms of all nationalities all over the world feeling badass in their Jogha outfit is the ultimate satisfaction. So seeing this was definitely one of our favorite moments of 2014!

We believe it’s all about treasuring the amazing (and also tough)  moments you go through to grow as a person. That’s why we asked the entire crew to share their most favorite moment of 2014 with you. So we sat together and here are everyone’s moments…

My favorite moment of 2014 was when my roommate brought me to train with her field hockey team. I didn’t play in a team with a good level since high school, so it was nice to get back to what was once my passion. Also, that week my mother that lives in another country was in town. Both super excited we went to the training and having my mother there looking at me play made me the happiest person. It brought me back in time when I was 15 and my mom would come see me every single game because she just loved going and wouldn’t miss a single one. That was by far the nicest moment I had this year!




My favourite moment of 2014 was that I ran 7,5 kilometres in the Ladies Run. It was in the beginning of 2014 that I decided that I should do some sports. Usually, I’m not really the type of girl that loves to work out, but I’d convinced myself that this was the year I should do someting. I heard that some girls made use of the programme “Running with Evy.” So that’s when I started running. She gradually helped me to achieve my first 5 K and it felt really good! I actually enjoyed running and never thought it was possible for me to run that far without stopping or feeling terrible. It felt like a huge accomplishment!

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