Model Workout NYE warming up

Fit & Training door thijs

Hello girls, did you all survive the Christmas festivities? Are you still alive? We at Model Workout sure did some serious eating and drinking, but no problem what so ever cause we train enough to eat what we want! I’m sure you do too. Just one big evening ahead of us which for some of you means even more eating and probably more drinking too...

New Year’s Eve!
And with that evening come all the New Year’s resolutions too. This year is going to be your year. Just like the previous ones, for that matter. This year you lose/gain weight where you want it, no more smoking, more you time, a new study or a new boyfriend. Oh hell, maybe no boyfriend. This week we are warming ourselves up for 2015!

What better way to do that than with a good Model Workout warming up! Although warm up exercises and stretching are often lumped together in discussions and sometimes occur simultaneously in dance and aerobics classes, they are two distinct principles. Both are important for an optimal workout. During warm up exercises, you are increasing your body temperature and slowly preparing your body for what is to come. When stretching, you are focusing specifically on stretching your muscles. That means you need to do a warming up before stretching too!

Model Workout NYE warming up  

Train along with Ashley in this video and do this workout with her in three rounds with 30 seconds workout time per exercises.Put your interval timer on 40 seconds workout time with 10 seconds break; try this for 3 rounds. Keep adding up while becoming a pro!

For more videos check out! We have over 4 hours of workout material and we vlog about tips on a healthy lifestyle and on food too!