Well, chicks just love sale in general… Us Fit Girls love Nike SALE, because that’s just how we are. We’ve searched, and drooled over the nike website and finally picked out favourite pieces for a well deserved shopping haul! We deserve to spoil ourselves now and then, don’t we? 

Because we don’t want to be biased and just highlight the shoes (‘shoe love is true love’), all the girls in the office chose one item from the Nike SALE  and they are telling you why it’s the next thing on their shopping list! We probably won’t stop at just one item, but who’s to judge? Fit chicks will be fit chicks…


Fit Girls love Nike SALE

1.  Fitgirl Nathalie loves prints & these tights are wild! She loves them because she can mix and match them with many other items already in her closet. First choice is an oversized black top and some statement sneakers – She trains like a tiger!
NIKE tiger


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