Food cravings and always hungry? What they mean and what you can do. BUT FIRST. Before we go any further, I must tell you I am not a certified food specialist, dietician or health coach of any sort. Nor am I a psychologist. I am a busy full-time working mom with a interest in healthy food, a healthy mind in a healthy body and I browse the internet for information and read books to relax – the ones with paper ;). Please know when to seek advice for yourself from a counsellor or health professional – DEAL?!

Let’s talk about SNACKS baby

OK, so you know what I’m talking about when we talk snacking in work, a sweet craving straight after dinner or that moment in the evening when chilling on the couch…right? What I’m curious about is if  you’ve ever wondered about why this is?

What’s actually causing the food cravings?

Your body requires nutrients such as magnesium or zinc which you haven’t been providing. The thing is, we tend to translate our needs to ‘we need something sweet’ so we end up with an almond cake with our cup of coffee, a chocolate candy bar in the car or a bowl of crisps on the couch.
The consequence of this is that our body will still ask for the right nutrients. On top of this we put something in our body, which requires a lot of energy to process. The result is continuously feeling hungry and tired simply because we need to process the bad fats and sugars.

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