YES it’s doable to run a busy life and be fit & healthy!

Fit & Training door thijs

Fit Girl Alert! Have you been setting intentions for 2015 to make this year yours to shine? Do you really, really, really want to live healthy and look fit? New year, new you? Get up, take my hand and let’s start right now!

My name is Carolina and I fulfill my lifestyle with applying and adjusting food, fitness and fun into my own way to live healthy. Because hey! healthy equals happy! I’m just an ordinary girl with a (most probably!) recognizable profile that includes the mainstream chaos of life. I have a fulltime job as a trainee Project Manager, follow a study, own the Foodie-ness blog, adore my friends, family and social activities, manage a household and am in love with my hubby. Time is tight but YES it’s doable to run a hectic and busy life healthy and fit. As long as you have the willpower, I will provide you daily on Foodie-ness all the motivation, inspiration and fun you need to push yourself forward. Once you really want it, you can and you will make progress. Work for it and you will achieve your goals with a smile because you’re in love with the healthy new you!

Living healthy is key to a much happier life! It’s beneficial for your body and mind and I promise you now: once you see results, it will become your best addiction! But how does it work? Where do you start? Everyone’s journey to get fit is unique and requires a personal approach. Foodie-ness understands that every girl has different goals, every girl has a different starting point and every girl has a different lifestyle. That’s why Foodie-ness finds it important to offer you a platform that’s approachable, applicable and achievable for every girl.

Are you ready to make changes in 2015? Whether you’re a newbie, mommy – mommy to be, student, advanced Fit Girl or a professional athlete, Foodie-ness will offer you a bunch of epic tools that will definitely help you to strive for progression. AND: I find it important to make gym time fun time. That fit body can be made nearly everywhere, at home, outdoor or in the gym.. but always with a happy face! You’re stronger than you think, so be what you choose to become. Every month you can find new articles from Foodie-ness on the #FITGIRLCODE website, so let’s do it together. It’s gonna be fun sweeties!

Live happily ever active,
Caroline, Foodie-ness.